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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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The project involved the remodeling of a single family structure purchased from its original owner. Although the house was occupied by only one family the structure went through several alterations and expansions.
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The intervention brought the spirit of the modern style to the structure. Walls and terraces were demolished to make the structure "float" in the lot, surrounded by gardens and new open terraces. The patios are organized in different layers of privacy and use. The entrance patio serves as a decompression space where no hard surfaces are presented.

Photo by Stephen & Gil Amiaga

Here the visitor leaves behind the street and his worries. The eastern terrace, protected from the afternoon sun, opens to the northern trade winds and serves as an entertainment area. Planting areas soften the terrace walls and give privacy from the
entrance patio.

Photo by Stephen & Gil Amiaga

A corner swimming pool serves as a barrier to segregate the more public eastern terrace from the more private north garden to which the studio and main bedroom open. The interior was completely reorganized to provide bigger
open spaces.

Photo by Stephen & Gil Amiaga

The new circulation flows on the perimeter parallel to the eastern terrace connecting the different areas of the house. As you penetrate deep into the house, the spaces become more private. A new entrance vestibule was designed as a translucent glass enclosure to mitigate the transition from the bright tropical sun to the interior of the residence.

The circulation axis ends with a view of the corner pool. The guest level provides the amenities of a full apartment: a comfortable bedroom, a living dining area with a small kitchen and a sun deck terrace facing the north trade winds.

All the interiors and exterior surfaces are painted an off white that serves as a neutral background for the owner's art collection. Floor tiles are dark in color to anchor the scale
of the furniture.
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