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Humacao, Puerto Rico

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Commissioned by the Roig Family in 1919 to Architect Antonin Nechodoma, Casa Roig remains as a tribute and memory to his extraordinary design talent.
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First Detail of Casa Roig Second Detail of Casa Roig Third Detail of Casa Roig Fourth Detail of Casa Roig Casa Roig
This residence designed in Prairie School style and inspired by the Wescott House of Frank Lloyd Wright, is an excellent example of the style and its adaptation to the tropical context.
The deep overhangs, extensive strip windows, open interior planning, terraces and porches were all natural for the climate. Recognizing this, Nechodoma contributed his personal touch through the extensive use of stained glass windows, glass mosaic inlays and the wood furnishings in the Arts and Crafts style.

Photo by John Betancourt

The house with its added richness of the decorative arts and adaptations to the tropical context, was donated to the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus on the condition that it be restored and used for public functions.

Photo by John Betancourt

The restoration of the house was faithful to Nechodoma’s original plans and details. Changes were made only were adaptive reuse as a museum required relocation of interior partitions. Since its inauguration, the Casa Roig serves as a model of the integration of architecture and the allied arts and as a perfect model of architectural preservation.

Photo by John Betancourt

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